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For Qualified Workers

Bring in eligible workers under the TN visa category from Mexico. Best way to have professional assistants who are eager to learn and help you with your personnel shortages at the same time.

Hire TN Workers

This is a long term temp

Generally temp workers mean for few months, and you start looking for a new worker all over again. Good thing about TN visa workers, that you get to hang on to them for up to 6 years. Everyone wins.



You are good up to 6 years with TN Visa workers

Reliability can be a big factor when you are hiring any employee. With TN Visa workers you can be assured the person is good for at least 3 years. You can always extend the TN Visa for another 3 years. A great value!

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Working with TN Visa workers can save money for your organization. You pay them less compared to local hire in the U.S. Yet TN workers are qualified workers who can easily share the work load.


Bringing in qualified and bilingual workers from Mexico makes good business sense. They can assist your business 3 to 6 years. You can further change their visa status and hang to them for very long time.


Let's face it. Today having bilingual personnel is an assest for many organization. Especially if your business operates in major metropolitan cities. Our applicants are fully bilingual.

Great Options

The TN allows U.S. companies to employ qualified professionals on a temporary basis. The TN visa helps many different companies that cannot meet their professional workforce needs. There is a broad range of professions that are covered by the TN visa. These include teachers, architects, hotel managers, and dietitians to name a few.

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The U.S. faces a nursing shortage due to an aging population and retiring nurses, creating abundant opportunities for nurses nationwide. The need for nurses aligns with all-time highs in increased demand for healthcare. We can help.

Occupational Therapist

On the basis of current trends, demand for OT services will outpace the supply of occupational therapists within the United States. Shortages are expected to increase for all 50 states through 2030. We can help.

Nutritionists & Dietitians

COVID has changed everything. Today nutritionists and dietitions are in demand more than ever. Like many medical professions, there is huge demand for these professionals. If you are need of hiring nutritionists and dietitians, we can help.