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Mexico is the most popular country for North American expats. It has a wonderful variety of climates, the food is superb, the people are gracious and welcoming, the healthcare is great, and the cost of living is low. However, you must know to navigate immigration system in Mexico. There are many options for short-term tourists as well as temporary and permanent options for foreigners who want to stay long-term. Navigating law and legality can be a daunting task in Mexico. It is best to leave this to experts. BizQro, in association with our legal experts focuses on ensuring the interests and rights of our clients, providing quality legal advice and representation with an interdisciplinary approach. We focus on maintaining a personal and direct relationship with our clients to attend to their needs. We know that in order to be the best value to you, we must first provide personalized solutions tailored to your needs.


Immigration system in Mexico is complicated. You have to submit a form and get permission for almost everthing you do in Mexico. We believe we can help ease the pain. Mexican immigration law can be confusing. There are several options by which you could become a resident of Mexico and whether you’re able to earn income in Mexico or not. BizQro in affiliation with its legal experts can help you understand your options, which options you qualify for, and what the best choice is for you and your goals. Then we can handle the process every step of the way to make it easy for you. BizQro can guide you step by step to obtain your Immigration visas (residente temporal or residente permanente), certificates and permissions. Just provide us with the required documents. We will handle the rest, saving you time, hassle, and more.



For years Mexico has been a great place for foreigners to establish a business. Some do it to take advantage of the highly skilled workforce to lower labor costs and gain a competitive edge and some to take advantage of the 46 trade agreements to which the country is subscribed and lower tariff costs. At BizQro we can help you obtain all the necessary licenses & permits for your operation in Mexico to be a success. Once we have everything in order we represent your case before Mexican authorities. Our expertise and network make this process effortless and fast.


While a contract might seem simple and straightforward at a quick glance, a good lawyer will be able to identify any legal risks and issues that may be contained within the contract. Lawyers are trained to interpret law and its implications in practice — particularly if any terms would be deemed ‘unfair’. An experienced lawyer can tell you what looks normal in a contract, and what particular clauses might not look right. In Mexico all legal contracts and agreement must be drafted in Spanish. It is crucial you understand exactly what it means to you and your interest. Our legal experts can do you that for you. They can review and draft contracts and agreements to protect your interest.


RFC stands for ‘Registro Federal de Contribuyentes’. It has 12 digits and can be obtained in any SAT office in the country. It is a unique number for individuals and businesses. You can apply for your RFC if you have a valid residency permit. It doesn’t matter if it’s temporary or permanent. The RFC is processed in any SAT Mexico office where you are currently living. It is process which takes place in Mexico, SAT is the office where you have to process your RFC.

Let us assist you in applying for Public Health Insurance in Mexico (Seguro Social)

Seguro Social
- $250.00 USD


Process is rather simple. Your process starts with us online, and in English. You simply submit your information using our online forms, where your information is collected in English based on state requirements. Upon receiving your information, our staff re-enters data into states online portals to complete the application process in Spanish. Your paperwork is prepared, appointments are scheduled, all you will have to do is to download completed paperwork, sign and go to your appointment in your local city for your appointment.


Our services are based on fair and just pricing. Prior to initiating your legal project, you are quoted a fixed price for the entire process. No surprises.


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