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How to make legally binding contracts in Mexico


Businesses survive on strong relationships. This cannot be achieved without contractual agreements that legally bind such business arrangements together. Legal contracts take your obligations and those of others into consideration. Therefore, every little detail goes into account when creating legal contracts. In Mexico all legally binding contracts are drafted in Spanish. To understand legal language in any business contract you need a legal expert.

Contracts are legally binding documents and anyone who signs one needs to understand their obligations under it. Understanding the contract terms is imperative. .. An attorney will help you understand what you are signing, what your obligations are and what legal ramifications it could have.

That is where we come in, our legal staff can review and terms of a business contract on your behalf and draft a contract based legal guidelines in Mexico.

Our Price to review Legal Contract: $95.00 USD (some limitations may apply)

Download Mexican Labor Laws Overview (PDF) | Download Doing Business in Mexico (PDF)


Our process is straight forward. Simply fill out your request usging our online form. Our staff will contact you for further details, documents and payment.

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