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Mexico is one of the most influential economies worldwide. It is therefore not surprising that the Mexican market is increasingly attracting highly competitive companies and industries from abroad. Consequently, the country┬┤s favorable conditions concerning commercial relationships and excellent location extremely facilitate trade and foreign investment and encourage companies to embark on new expansion projects.

One of the first aspects to be defined what kind of products you wish to import. Two important factors to consider

1. You Mexican resident importing a product for distribution and sale
2. You are not in Mexico but wish to import your product to Mexico for distribution and sale

Mexican resident
You will have to follow business permit process pretty much to start with. In addition to that, you will need specific import permissions for specifc products.

Foreign Resident
You may have to team up with a Mexican company who can assist you in importing your products, distribution or sale. In this case you will still need to apply for import permits, of course you will have to apply for export permits in your country of origin.

There are several other factors depending on type of products you will be importing into Mexico.
We will request all those details via email from you.



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