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Procedure to change your address must be inititated on INM website, and submitted electronically through the INM website, it needs to be printed and with the signature of the petitioner. Make sure to have an extra copy of everything, including your passport.

You need to do the following:
  • Fill out an online form that you can find on the website of INM and print that
  • A copy of your passport and bring your original
  • A copy of your resident card (front and back) and bring the original
  • A utility bill not older than 3 months and a copy of the bill, the bill does not have to be in your name, but you need a bill for the exact address
  • A letter stating that you swear you live where you say you live in the form.
  • The letter for the change of address
  • Please make sure that the address you use in the online form is the same as the one you use in the letter. All fields marked with a * are required.

      These are the form fields on INM website:
    • Full name as it is on your INM Card
    • Date of birth
    • Tationality
    • The old address (including the state)
    • The date you moved, not later than 3 months
    • The new address (including the state)
    • Your signature and written name

    INM does not charge any fee for this procedure.

    In the case of minors under 18 years of age, the application form must be signed by the mother, father or whoever exercises parental authority, guardianship or curatorship.

    Note: When filling out your petition online, the documents that are attached, must meet the requirements and must be listed and noted in the request form for the procedure in the comments section.

    The procedures must be presented only in original, and its annexes, in simple copy. If the interested party requires that receipt be acknowledged, he or she must attach a copy for that purpose.

    (1) Letter signed by the petitioner, in which under oath to tell the truth, states the change of address, expressly indicating the previous and the new corresponding address, as well as the date on which said change occurred. Every the original and signed.
    (2) Temporary, or temporary student or permanent resident card. Original and a copy, must be presented.

    Things are always changing at the INM office. When dealing with governmental businesses and tramites always check the website to see if the information has changed. In this case, you check this website (it opens in a new tab) On that page you see on the right in a fixed position a black square with a blue square stating: Tramite in Linea. That is where you click to fill out the form. In the end, save it and print it. You have 20 days to get to the office of INM in your new city and register. The registration is free.

    If you do not have a CURP, which is likely when this is your first time and you just got your resident card, you can start the form by entering your NUE number which is on the back of your resident card. The system will connect to your data and now you are only left with the new address to fill out.



    Our process is simple. It starts with filling out of INTITIATE LEGAL PROJECT FORM on our website. Our legal staff will review your project and contact you for more documents, details and payment to initiate your project.

    We will do all your necessary paperwork, make an appointment with INM, we will email you all the instructions. All legal documents will be filled out on INM portal, and sent to you in PDF format via email. You will need to download all the documents, review them for accuracy and sign them. Remember, you must present your own case personally in INM. Legal reps cannot go in with you. However our staff will be available to assist you via phone from 10am to 3pm central time. Monday to Friday.

    Note: Our fee is in addition to INM fees

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