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The permit is an official document issued by immigration Exit Re-Entry Permit “El Permiso de Salida y Regreso”. Request it at least two/three days (one day in case of emergency) before you leave Mexico. Present the required documents at your local INM office. It allows you to be out of the country for up to 60 days. Please note that this means 60 days after the date mentioned in the permit. Do not simply count 60 days from your departure from Mexico.

When you are arriving in or departing from Mexico, there are some straightforward paperwork procedures that you will need to engage with. Specific entry and exit procedures exist for foreign visitors, foreigners with resident visas and resident cards, as well as naturalized foreigners.

There are basically three different scenarios in which you might need or want to leave Mexico while waiting for your residency. The process called "Canje" which means Exchange.

(1) During the canje procedure: this is when you have entered Mexico on a temporary visa after your successful consulate appointment and you are waiting for the canje. In this case, the exchange of that visa for your residency card. Depending on where your application is being processed, this could take weeks to months.

(2) The next scenario is if you have applied from Mexico, as family of a temporary or permanent resident or citizen. In this case, you don’t necessarily go through the canje procedure. You can apply from Mexico and the whole procedure takes place there. There is no need to visit consulates abroad. However, between submitting your application and waiting for your card to be delivered, you might want/need to leave. 

The process for both these scenarios is to apply for an exit and re-entry permit. 

(3) The third scenario is if you need to leave urgently because of an emergency. In this case you will also need an exit and re-entry permit, but under slightly different conditions given the urgency. You can request it for same or next-day issue, and you must provide proof of the emergency, e.g. doctor’s note etc.

    Requirements for an Exit and Re-entry permit:
  • A copy of your flight itinerary or other travel outside of Mexico
  • Permit request form – complete online, download, print and sign
  • Copy of the document displaying the current status of your residency application, including your NUT code
  • Proof of payment of fees for the permit
  • 1 x color photo (child size 2.5 x 3 cm)
  • Request letter – download, print, complete and sign it

Bring the permit to the INM counter at your departure airport before you check in. When you return, you must get it stamped and sign it again.
Do not fill in the FMM form (immigration form) on the plane upon returning. You already did it when you depared Mexico, and you also have the exit permit. Therefore, you should only fill in the customs form on the plane. Permit is good for 90 days, but it has only one time use.
Return it to your local INM office within 10 days of your re-entry to Mexico.
Fee is about $25 USD, subject to change

TIP: If you apply way ahead of when you need to leave, they will wait to issue it closer to your flight date thinking that you want as much of those 90 days as possible but if you are only leaving for a short time, not a full 90 days, let them know they can process it right away.



Our process is simple. It starts with filling out of INTITIATE LEGAL PROJECT FORM on our website. Our legal staff will review your project and contact you for more documents, details and payment to initiate your project.

We will do all your necessary paperwork, make an appointment with INM, we will email you all the instructions. All legal documents will be filled out on INM portal, and sent to you in PDF format via email. You will need to download all the documents, review them for accuracy and sign them. Remember, you must present your own case personally in INM. Legal reps cannot go in with you. However our staff will be available to assist you via phone from 10am to 3pm central time. Monday to Friday.

Note: Our fee is in addition to INM fees

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